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Manicure & Pedicure

What is the best pedicure?

The type of skin on the feet plays a key role. Is yours dry or wet? For dry skin, a hardware pedicure is suitable: it does not require soaking and steaming the feet, and you can always clearly see whether something else needs to be removed somewhere, or if it is enough and it's time to stop. For a wet one, a combined pedicure is suitable: wrap your feet with a hot napkin to soften the stress, then remove them with a file and polish the feet with the apparatus. Acid pedicure is suitable for dry and wet feet. The good thing is that it gives a quick and prolonged result: the maximum of the possible is removed and the skin grows in an even and dense layer. Do you know? What: Nails grow from a living root, but consist of dead cells; Nails begin their development in the womb, namely in the third month of pregnancy, along with teeth, bones and other hard tissues; Nails and hair are similar in structure and composition.

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